Flexible CUSTOMIZED SERVICES - Valuation


ValServe Corporate Advisors has a team of experts with specialist valuation skills and a reputation for providing high quality services. The team follows rigorous and seamless approach for each deliverable.

The team has performed numerous complex - domestic and cross-border valuations for financial reporting, transactions, management reviews, and legal, tax and regulatory purposes. The engagements were with leading corporate; spread across various industries, domains, and geographies.

Our specialized valuation- skills make us ideally suited to prepare such independent valuation opinions. Our valuation opinions are defensible and thoroughly documented in order to provide support upon scrutiny by any regulatory bodies and third parties.

Our finance and accounting expertise, combined with its use and development of sophisticated valuation methodologies, caters even the most complex valuation requirements. The team constantly monitors changing regulations and guidelines and provides up to date advice to its clients.

We offer the following Valuation services –

Financial Reporting Transactions

During the past few years a move towards fair value accounting has taken place, mainly led by provisions of IndAS, IFRS and US GAAP. With the use of fair value, financial reporting becomes even more complex as there are few assets and liabilities where a market value can’t be readily established. Instead, companies and their auditors need to rely on valuation models that involve the application of methods and assumptions that can be highly judgmental. Our Financial Reporting Valuation practice covers below segments

  • Purchase Price Allocations under US GAAP/IFRS/Indian GAAP
  • Goodwill and Intangible Asset Impairment analyses
  • Shares Based Payments and ESOPs
  • Contingent asset and Liability
  • Tangible asset
  • Intangible and Intellectual Property
  • Financial Instruments and Derivatives


Merger valuations are required to calculate the share swap (exchange) ratio when two companies merge under the orders of the Court/ NCLT. At ValServe, We help business owners quantify the fair value of both the companies and suggest a share swap ratio of the proposed merger and at the same time we could also assist in arriving at Fair valuation for any Fund raising event, Divestment or Split off / Spin off scenario as well. Below areas cover our transaction specific Valuation expertise

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Split off and Spin off
  • Divestments
  • Fairness Opinions
  • Management Reviews
  • Fund Raising

Business and Equity Valuation

Companies seek business or Equity valuations for management review purposes many times for any specificdecision-making process. It may be planning a major acquisition, inviting any shareholder, or getting associated in any joint venture or Strategic partnership arrangement. Our team of business valuation experts recognizes that a valuation is not a simple exercise of numbers. We spend time working to understand the business dynamics and its key value drivers. Our Business and Equity Valuation practice covers below transactions

  • Debt Restructuring
  • Strategic Partner
  • Divestiture

Legal, Regulatory and Tax

The Regulatory Bodies like CBDT, Reserve Bank of India and Ministry of Corporate Affairs have been focusing on stringent norms and regulation as far as tax and legal matters are concerned. Tax Planning and Strategies have become more complex and highly scrutinized by regulatory bodies worldwide. Tax and Company Law Board authorities have emphasized much on the Valuation in both the scenario of pre-as well as post implementation of the strategy.

ValServe’s thorough understanding of the Tax and Corporate Laws have enhanced our competence with respect to Tax and Regulatory Valuation Consulting which covers below areas

  • Direct Tax – under the provisions of the Income-tax Act, 1961
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Litigation and Arbitration Support
  • FEMA – Inbound and Outbound Investments
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Cross Border Transactions

Valuation of Intellectual Property

Corporates are now investing more and more into intangible assets like technology, software, customers and brands, in addition to physical assets and property, plant and equipment. With lenders giving out loan funds against Intangible assets as a collateral, the importance of Valuation of Intangible Assets has further increased. Investors, lenders, analysts and other stakeholders are getting increasingly alert to the importance and valuation of Intangible Assets

ValServe has the expertise to help clients to arrive at a fair value to their Intangible assets using globally accepted valuation approaches and methodologies. Below are several Intellectual properties for which we have executed Valuation engagements in past

  • Brands, Trademarks and Copyrights
  • Patents
  • Technology Knowhow, Software, and Databases
  • Customer List, Contracts and Relationships
  • Distribution Network and Franchisee Licensing Agreements
  • Non-Compete Agreements